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The City of Greater Sudbury, the largest city in Northern Ontario, is the most recent Canadian municipality to adopt a Complete Streets policy. And it may be the first that used a standalone Council resolution to do so.

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Greater Sudbury

Streets have limited space. What trade-offs will you make? This interactive workshop tool can help you imagine the possibilities.

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The future of Complete Streets? A public discussion on Toronto's waterfront.

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Sidewalk Toronto

Where are we at with Complete Streets in Canada?

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City of Quebec

The City of St Albert has recently begun the process of developing Complete Streets guidelines and an implementation strategy.

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The City of St Albert

After 18 months of construction, this iconic Vancouver bridge was reopened on October 21, 2017.

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Main Street, Ottawa, is the most recent street profiled on our growing list of Complete Streets examples. This two-year long extensive redevelopment is the first major arterial road within the City of Ottawa to be converted into a Complete Street.

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