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About Complete Streets for Canada

In August 2009, the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) and the Toronto Cyclists Union (now 'Cycle Toronto') began working together to bring a Complete Streets policy to Toronto inspired by the success of the National Complete Streets Coalition in the United States.

In just a few short months, a steadily increasing number of groups and individuals, as well as senior City of Toronto staff and politicians, became interested in supporting the adoption of a Complete Streets policy in Toronto. However, through this process it became evident that other communities across Ontario and Canada could benefit from a Complete Streets approach and that some were already taking the lead.

To build upon this potential, TCAT was awarded an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant in mid-2011 to complete research on the opportunities for Complete Streets in the Ontario context and to launch a website to centralize the movement across Canada. Complete Streets for Canada is the outcome of this grant and is designed to expand alongside the movement. The Complete Streets for Canada website is regularly updated by volunteers, students and interns.

About The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) is a project of Clean Air Partnership. TCAT conducts policy research and urban design work that supports the implementation of Complete Streets. TCAT successfully organized eight annual policy conferences from 2008 to 2015, as the Bike Summit for the first two years, then as the Complete Streets Forum. The Forum featured presentations from leading international and Canadian experts on Complete Streets, and brought together over 200 people each year to share ideas of how to advance Complete Streets in North America.

TCAT's research is widely cited and our work has influenced actual on-the-ground improvements in the cycling and walking environment in Toronto, Canada’s largest urban centre. TCAT has developed a reputation for working constructively with community organizations as well as provincial and municipal government officials. In 2012, TCAT launched Complete Streets for Canada, a policy and design hub to assist municipalities in implementing Complete Streets. Click here for the TCAT website.

About The Clean Air Partnership

The Clean Air Partnership (CAP) Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is a charitable environmental organization launched in June, 2000. CAP’s mission is to help municipalities become sustainable, resilient, vibrant communities where resources are used efficiently, the air is clean to breathe and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized. Click here for the CAP website