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Abbotsford, British Columbia

Abbotsford's 2017 "Draft Official Community Plan" proposes that the municipality adopt a Complete Streets approach, and a hierarchy of modes that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists and transit users (p. D-15). As of August 2017, it has yet to be approved by Kamloops City Council.

In a localized context, the City of Abbotsford and the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) joined together to jointly develop the UDistrict Vision and the UFV Campus Plan. The City and UFV started collaborating in 2011 to create the UDistrict Vision and City Council formally endorsed the UDistrirct document in May 2012. Provisions for creating a Complete Street on McKenzie Rd (East of the UFV campus) are part of the UDistrict Vision (p. 30).













British Columbia