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Brampton, Ontario

Complete Streeets Approach

Brampton, Ontario includes Complete Streets approaches in both its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and its Official Plan. Brampton's 2015 Transportation Master Plan calls for the development of a network of Complete Streets, "which are accessible to all users, regardless of their chosen mode of transportation" (p. 72). The plan also proposes integrating Complete Streets and goods movement strategies in order to accommodate both vulnerable road users and trucks (p. 74).

Brampton's 2015 Official Plan commits to ensuring that "Streets will be designed to be Complete Streets; their design and operation will provide for the needs of all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists and transit passengers of all ages and abilities, as well as trucks, buses and automobiles" (p. 4.5 - 1). The plan explicitly aims to increase the modal share of cycling, walking, and transit in Brampton by improving the infrastructure dedicated to these modes of travel (p. 4.5 - 1).