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Grande Prairie, Alberta

Complete Streets Approach

The Community Mobility Plan (2014)  uses the term Complete Streets in a list of actions for “Cycling” and “Walking: For Recreation and Leisure”:

  • “Utilize complete streets design concepts where warranted and sufficient right of way exists” (Cycling);
  • “Implement complete streets polices to provide safe and convenient travel for all users of the roadway (pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, motorists)” (Walking).

​Construction started on the Downtown Infrastructure Assessment, Streetscape Enhancement and Rehabilitation Program in 2016, and is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The plan proposes a new downtown road hierarchy to support Complete Streets, which are named under the objective of Mobility:

  • "To support the complete streets model, emphasizing pedestrian accessibility, transit supportive design, convenient parking, and opportunities for cycling infrastructure" (Section 6.1.3 Objectives and Design Principles, pg 34)

Grande Prairie previously implemented an intersection upgrade on 102nd Street that was profiled by Compete Streets for Canada. 


Grande Prairie