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Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Complete Streets Approach

The City of Sudbury has been interested in Complete Streets for a few years now, and a number of official documents use the term.  The City's proposed Transportation Master Plan includes a Complete Streets policy, with an expanded road classification system to include pedestrians, cyclists and transit, and suggested road cross sections.  The plan has yet to be approved.   

Sustainable Mobility Plan 2010 :

  • A recommendation for policy development included developing a 'complete streets' policy into the Master Plan for Street Design. This document emphasized that Sudbury could be the first city in Canada to adopt a Complete Streets policy (p.70).

Downtown Sudbury Mobility and Infrastructure Strategy (2011) :

  • "There will be a greater emphasis on expanding mobility choice, developing complete streets, and creating safe and vibrant streeetscapes" (p.2).


The City's Draft Transportation Master Plan (2015)

  • "The policy direction for the City of Greater Sudbury is to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain the transportation network to accommodate each mode of transportation and all types of system users. It should be consistent with and supportive of the local community, recognizing that all streets are different and that the needs of various users should be balanced in a flexible manner" (Section 9.1.2, pg 185).