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Markham, Ontario

Complete Streets Approach

The City of Markham's Official Plan (2014), has a well-incorporated Complete Streets approach. While it recommends that: 

  • "'complete streets' philosophy be applied to the future development of the City's road network to balance mobility between modes, increase safety for all users, and position streets as places within Markham's communities" (7.1)

it also states that City policy is: 

  • "To design and construct all new roads and reconstruct existing roads by applying appropriate right-of-way design standards [...] to a) better balance the safety, accessibility, convenience and comfort of all street users, regardless of age or ability, including pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders and to provide a full range of travel choices," (

Using the ten recommended elements of a comprehensive Complete Streets policy, TCAT undertook an analysis of the City of Markham's Complete Streets approach, and found it to be robust, but with room to improve.