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Complete Streets: Funding Programs

This backgrounder (linked below) provides the following information in a table format: 

  • Information on funding opportunities provided by the government of Canada (applicable for all provinces) and the government of Ontario.
  • If several programs have the same funding source, such projects are shaded with gray.
  • Results of this analysis can be grouped in four broad funding categories that can be considered when planning for Complete Streets. These categories are:
    • Infrastructure: public transit, accessible transit, road contraction and renovation, bike lanes, bike parking and racks
    • Transportation: transportation demand management, active transportation initiatives, safe routes to school
    • Health: Physical activity, sports, recreation and injury prevention
    • Environment: Preventing air pollution, promoting cycling and walking


  • Infrastructure funding is permanent and available to all municipalities through federal-provincial agreements. Municipalities decide on which infrastructure projects this funding is spent.
  • Gas Tax funding is available at both Federal and Provincial level (in Ontario) and provides predictable and flexible funding. 
  • Programs run by the ministries of transportation, health and environment (at both federal and provincial levels) and by foundations provide funding for non-infrastructure projects (e.g. education, promotion of active transportation, transportation demand management). These programs are vital for Complete Streets because they provide funds for educational opportunities, promoting modal shift. Unlike Infrastructure or Gas Tax programs these ministerial programs often have limited duration.

View the entire Funding for Infrastructure, Transportation, Environment, and Health projects provided by the governments of Canada and Ontario table by following the link below.