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Element 1: Language and Intent

Element Definition: 

Language and Intent evaluates the strength of the Complete Streets language used in official plan (OP) policy related to pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users of all ages and abilities. The strength of the language helps to set the tone by creating a stronger commitment to policy implementation.

Words including ‘shall implement’, ‘must implement’, and ‘will implement’ are ideal when referring to Complete Streets. However, words like ‘might implement’, ‘will consider implementing’, or ‘intends to implement’ are helpful when moving towards a more inclusive policy framework and can be considered progress en route to adopting stronger language.

Official Plan Quotes: 

Official Plan of the City of Peterborough – Section 5.2 Transportation Objectives

“The development of the City’s Transportation System shall be (emphasis added) directed towards the following objectives:

iii) Plan for a more balanced transportation system to accommodate increased use of public transit, cycling and pedestrian facilities;” (City of Peterborough, 2009).