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Element 10: Implementation Plan

Element Definition: 

Effective policy implementation is critical, yet challenging. Countless municipalities plan for progressive change, then face difficulties with implementation due to development pressures, a political change, or other unforeseen barriers. Providing clear and concise implementation steps can help turn policy into practice regardless of unforeseen difficulties.

Official Plan Quotes: 

Official Plan of the City of Waterloo – Section 6.2 Supporting Documents and Implementation

“Council may approve, and update as appropriate, additional documents to provide further direction with regard to these Official Plan policies. Such documents may include, but not necessarily be limited to” (City of Waterloo, 2011):

  1.             City of Waterloo Transportation Master Plan, including a component to address pedestrian and bicycle movement;
  2.             Traffic Calming Policy;
  3.             Sidewalk Policy;
  4.             Multi-Use Pathways Policy;
  5.             Intersection Control Policy;
  6.             Transportation Demand Management Policy;
  7.             Complete Streets Policy;
  8.             Green Streets and Infrastructure Policy;
  9.             Parking Strategies;
  10.             Pedestrian Charter.

Official Plan of the City of Ottawa (2.3.1 Transportation, Walking #10)

“The City adopted a Pedestrian Plan in 2009 that provides guidelines and standards for pedestrian facilities and circulation, identifies discontinuities in the pedestrian network, and develops a network implementation strategy. The plan will guide the City in the development and implementation of new programs and facilities to encourage people to walk and reduce their dependency on the automobile”.