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Element 6: Jurisdictions

Element Definition: 

Working with other jurisdictions can help ensure a regional network of Complete Streets. For example, in any given community, there might be roads under the jurisdiction of the municipality, the province, and the region, district, or county. It is necessary to have all levels of government working towards the same goals when adopting and implementing a Complete Streets approach.

Ideally, there would be municipal, regional/county/district, and provincial support for creating a Complete Streets approach that also encompasses developer requirements. In lieu of this, the best policies state that the municipality will work with the province, private developers, and either the region, district, or county (if applicable) on issues related to planning Complete Streets.

Official Plan Quotes: 

Official Plan of the City of Cambridge Chapter 6: Transportation and Infrastructure, 1a.

“To provide, in partnership with the Province and Region, for a safe, sustainable, effective, accessible and energy efficient transportation system using a wide range of travel modes to move people and goods” (City of Cambridge, 2012).