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102nd Street, City of Grande Prairie, AB

In early 2010, a concept plan was completed for the City of Grande Prairie’s first Complete Street project.  The plan focused on the section of 102nd Street between 102nd Avenue and 108th Street, and was introduced following similar upgrades to the northern section of the street between 108th Avenue and 113th Avenue.  Located just north of downtown and adjacent to Muskoseepi Park,  102nd Street provides access to adjacent residential neighbourhoods, various amenities, and the park’s many recreational opportunities. The paved surface of the street is over 30m wide, offering two vehicle lanes in each direction and parking on both sides. Pedestrian and cyclist amenities are scarce.

Although the full ambitions of the plan have not been realized, important pedestrian-oriented improvements were made to the intersection at the Muskoseepi Park entrance.  These included: 

-pedestrian bulb outs
-painting the intersection red
-street furniture (benches, garbage cans, signs, maps, etc)
-light sticks
-bear added to park entry feature sign 

Before and After

Photo - After: 
102nd street after complete street transformation
Photo - Before: 
102nd street before complete street transformation


102 Street
Grand Prairie