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Bridge Street, New Dundee, Ontario

In 2009-2010, the main cross streets of the rural village of New Dundee, Queen Street and Bridge Street, were scheduled for reconstruction by the Region of Waterloo, due to the deteriorated condition of their asphalt.    The reconstruction was viewed by the Region as an opportunity to make the streets more friendly for walking and cycling, especially as Bridge Street was designated as a cycling route on the Regional Cycling Master Plan.  

Several meetings were held with residents and the local town councillor to address concerns before the design was finalized.  As part of this process, the shoulder of the roadway where future parking stalls were planned was plowed throughout the winter to replicate the future snow loading and identify issues.  

Total cost of the project was $2.8 million, of which the Township of Wilmot paid $20,000 for sidewalk repair.  The project included the following outputs:

  • Curb, gutter, and stormsewer replacement or installation of new ones where none existed
  • Sidewalk repair, and installation of new sidewalks where none existed to provide continuous pedestrian facilities
  • Improved crosswalks, with curb bulb-out and greater accessibility
  • Planting of street trees
  • Installation of on-street bike lanes (1.25m wide).   On-street parking was removed along most of Bridge St to make room for the bike lane.  Parking stalls were added in front of New Dundee Public School.

No tracking or evaluation has been undertaken for this project.  

Before and After

Photo - After: 
Bridge St, New Dundee, after Complete Street reconstruction
Photo - Before: 
Bridge St in New Dundee, before Complete Street reconstruction


New Dundee