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Cannon Street, Hamilton, Ontario

Cannon St. in Hamilton, Ontario was one of nine Complete Streets projects profiled in Complete Street Transformations.

Cannon Street is a truck route, but as downtown neighbourhoods transition to better accommodate residents, a road diet has defined space for cyclists and sheltered pedestrians on existing sidewalks.  A well-organized campaign by area residents, called "Yes, We Cannon," was instrumental in changing the proposed design from on-street bike lanes to the separated cycle track that was installed.  The cost of the project was $710,000, and it took 5 years to complete (2009-2014), from first being identified as a priority in the Cycling Master Plan, to the end of construction. 


  • Road diet reduced four motor vehicle traffic lanes to three west of Victoria Ave, and from three to two east of Victoria Ave
  • A two-way cycle track added between Sherman Ave and Hess St, and separated from the one-way traffic lanes by planters and bollards
  • Bike boxes for cyclists turning right have been added at certain intersections


  • In 2015, the average number of cyclists per day was 498, with 582 being counted on the busiest day.  The City of Hamilton did not perform cycling counts on Cannon Street prior to the installation of the cycle track because it was not deemed to have any significant cycling traffic at all.

Before and After

Photo - After: 
Cannon St., Hamilton, After Complete Streets Transformation
Photo - Before: 
Cannon St, Hamilton, Before Complete Streets Transformation