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King Street, Kitchener, ON

King Street in downtown Kitchener was redesigned and opened to the public in 2011. The project cost 9.3 million dollars (The Record, 2011).

The award winning design puts pedestrians first, downtown Kitchener's new King Street streetscape is helping to transform the heart of the city into a vibrant, urban, modern, environment full of creative energy (City of Kitchener, 2011).  

The redesign includes: 

  • Lower curbs
  • New, wider sidewalks improve accessibility
  • Improved street lighting and seating
  • Custom bollards that delineate on-street parking spaces - that can also be used to close of the street to traffic to facilitate strteet closures for cultural and social events like Taco Tuesdays

King Street has also been designated as a "green street' by Tree Canada for its contribution to, and leadership in, creating an environmentally sustainable street design (City of Kitchener, 2011). Environmentally sustainable design features include:

  • 120 new street trees
  • Bike racks to encourage cycling
  • Environmentally friendly planter beds that collect and filter storm water
  • New and Improved transit shelters

(City of Kitchener, 2011)


Photo - Before: 
Photo - After: 


King Street West at Young Street
N2G Kitchener