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St. George Street, Toronto, ON

At a cost of $6 million, four lanes on St. George Street were reduced to two, sidewalks were widened and architectural features were added. Automobile speed was reduced and collisions have decreased even though the number of cars carried on the road did not (Transport Canada). The City of Toronto took a multi-disciplinary approach to this project. University of Toronto administration and several city departments were involved, including: transportation, planning, urban design, forestry, and public works.

The goals of the St. George Street revitalization and road diet were to:

  • Calm traffic on this street that flowed through a campus of the University of Toronto
  • Increase pedestrian and cycling amenities and;
  • In general, to create a more human-oriented urban realm

Additional funds from a private donation made this project possible.




Before and After

Photo - After: 


St. George Street