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Westmount Neighbourhood Renewal and Complete Streets Pilot

Westmount is a neighbourhood close to Edmonton’s downtown core that holds a nine- block gem designated as Westmount Architectural Heritage Area. Selected in 2013 for renewal as part of Edmonton's Building Great Neighbourhood program, this program incorporates three City infrastructure investment programs into one: 1) Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal Program, 2) Neighbourhood Renewal Program, 3) Great Neighbourhoods Capital Program. Details for the Westmount project history can be found here. Construction is expected to be completed in 2018.  

Westmount is the first neighbourhood renewal project to incorporate a Complete Streets pilot project. The pilot project follows Complete Streets design principles, using a Cost Efficiency Analysis of the area. Highlighting safety, environmental and social factors, the Cost Efficiency Analysis aims to showcase the effects of implementing Complete Street designs for the City. Evidence found throughout the Cost Efficiency Analysis will allow the city to improve upon and eventually enforce Complete Streets Guidelines within all greenfield proposals and large scale redevelopments. 

The features of the Westmount Complete Streets Pilot area are described below.

1) 127 Street Collector Plan (118 Avenue to Stony Plain Road), currently a one-way northbound lane, parking on the east side and a one-way southbound bicycle lane. 127 Street has been a bike lane for over 30 years, well used by residents to access the many parks, schools and businesses along 124 Street. Public consultation for the 127 Street corridor will occur under a separate process, incorporating Westmount and Inglewood neighbourhoods. 

2) Traffic calming north of 107 Avenue; 122 Street and 123 Street. Currently both streets have chicanes installed from 107 Ave to 108 Ave. Issues highlighted, speeding and cut-through traffic.
Response: Alternate chicane design, add drainage, and improve emergency access.

3) 121 Street to 124 Street between Stony Plain Road and 106 Avenue. Currently this section holds a mixture of land uses ranging from mid-density housing to commercial and businesses buildings with wide roads throughout. Issues highlighted, speeding, cut-through traffic, and pedestrian crossing distances.
Response: Increase boulevard space, reduce road widths, provide curb extensions, add bike lanes and sidewalks.

4) Jasper Avenue and 125 Street. Currently Jasper Avenue west of 124 Street and 125 Street south of 102 Avenue operates as two short links of traffic. Issues highlighted, lack of sidewalk connectivity and parking.
Response: Add sidewalks and parking, eliminate the confusing space on the west side of the angle parking, clearly define existing accesses.

Before and After

Photo - After: 
City of Edmonton Design Considerations
Photo - Before: 
Jasper Ave and 125 St