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What is the relationship between Complete Streets for Canada and the National Complete Streets Coalition in the United States?

In 2005, the National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC) was formed and in 2006 launched a website that has become the go-to place for professionals, elected officials, and advocates looking for information and updates on Complete Streets in the United States. The NCSC has been instrumental in the adoption and implementation of over 320 Complete Streets policies in the US. The movement continues to gain momentum.

The NCSC continues to be an inspiration for the work at Complete Streets for Canada. Barbara McCann, the former Executive Director of the NCSC was the keynote speaker at TCAT’s inaugural Complete Streets Forum in 2010 and has been supportive of our efforts to expand the Complete Streets movement in Canada, starting in Ontario. Stefanie Seskin, the State and Local Policy Coordinator at the NCSC, was on the Steering Committee for the Complete Streets Gap Analysis project, a recent initiative of the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. Complete Streets for Canada continues to monitor the NCSC's work while ensuring that the content of Complete Streets for Canada remains tailored to the Canadian context.

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