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Frequently Asked Questions

What planning documents are used to adopt Complete Streets policies?

The Official Plan, or its equivalent depending on the jurisdiction, is a key document for the adoption of a Complete Streets policy because it is the most overarching policy document that guides land use and infrastructure planning in most Canadian provinces and territories.

What communities have adopted a Complete Streets policy?

A Complete Streets policy must be adopted into at least one official planning document according to the ten elements of a comprehensive Complete Streets policy in order for the jurisdiction to have an official Complete Streets policy.

What communities follow a Complete Streets approach?

A Complete Streets approach means that the term Complete Streets is mentioned in at least one official planning document in a given community but that the community has yet to adopt an official Complete Streets policy. Many communities across Canada are following a Complete Streets approach.

Do Complete Streets need to be infinitely wide?

Making a Complete Street doesn't mean the width of a road needs to be increased. Complete Streets are about making tradeoffs within existing space to accomodate all travel modes as well as improving safety.