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About TCAT

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), a project of Clean Air Partnership, conducts policy research and urban design work that supports the implementation of Complete Streets. TCAT has successfully organized six annual policy conferences, now known as the Complete Streets Forum. The Forum features presentations from leading international and Canadian experts on Complete Streets, and brings together over 200 people each year to share ideas of how to advance Complete Streets in North America. TCAT's research is widely cited and our work has influenced actual on-the-ground improvements in the cycling and walking environment in Toronto, Canada’s largest urban centre. TCAT has developed a reputation for working constructively with community organizations as well as provincial and municipal government officials. In 2012, TCAT launched Complete Streets for Canada, a policy and design hub to assist municipalities in implementing Complete Streets.

About CAP

The Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is a registered charity that works in partnership to promote and coordinate actions to improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gases for healthy communities. CAP’s applied research on municipal policies strives to broaden and improve access to public policy debate on air pollution and climate change issues. Our social marketing programs focus on energy conservation activities that motivate individuals, government, schools, utilities, businesses and communities to take action to clean the air. (Click here for CAP website)