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Complete Streets comes to Edmonton

Wed, 2013-06-05 10:25
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City of Edmonton

On May 22, 2013, the City of Edmonton became the fourth city in Canada to approve a Complete Streets policy to be used when planning, designing and constructing all streets, including those in new neighbourhoods and when old ones are rehabilitated in existing neighbourhoods.

Edmonton's Complete Streets Policy statement contains four principles that provided a basis for decision-making for the development of the accompanying Complete Streets Guidelines. The City is working on implementing the Complete Streets Policy in road renewal projects and in new residential areas under development.

The guidelines for Complete Streets adopt a more holistic approach to road design by considering all users including pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists and the surrounding land use. Recognizing that “one-size” does not fit all, transportation and land use planners will have the flexibility to be creative and innovative when designing streets to reflect users of all ages and abilities, as well as the characteristics of the area.

The policy came about after one year of public consultation including workshops with internal and external stakeholders, and an on-line discussion forum. The Complete Streets Guidelines and policy are significant contributors to advancing the goals set out in Edmonton’s strategic plan The Way Ahead and to implement its Transportation Master Plan The Way We Move, adopted in Sep 2009.