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Airdrie, Alberta

Complete Streets Policy

The City of Airdrie, population of 59,000, is located half an hour away from Calgary's downtown core, where many of its residents work.  The City is expected to grow to over 100,000 in the next thirty years, much of which will be new developments.

The AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan 2012, identified challenges associated with rapid growth, low density and auto-dependency, and first articulated the vision for Complete Streets in Airdrie: 

  • The City will "include sustainable transportation policy in the new City Plan which promotes Complete Streets, transit-oriented development and walkable communities" (p. 28).

The Municipal Development Plan  was adopted in 2014, and included commitments to developing guidelines and building Complete Streets.

  • "Roads should be planned and designed as complete streets, accommodating a range of users, including pedestrians, transit users and private vehicles" (Policy 7.5). 
  • "The City will develop Complete Streets Guidelines which address accessibility and connectivity improvements, street safety, street classifications and design standards" (Policy 7.10, pp.46-47).

Connecting Airdrie: Transportation Master Plan 2014 included a Complete Streets Toolbox  as Appendix B.  The Toolbox emphasizes the need to improve street connectivity, and provides detailed guidelines for the frequency of intersections and active transportation connections.  It also expands the traditional road hierarchy to consider surrounding land uses, and offers a suite of sensitive design approaches for pedestrian, cyclist, transit, private automobile and goods movement.