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Dieppe, New Brunswick

Complete Streets Policy

The City of Dieppe's Municipal Development Plan (2015) includes a Complete Streets policy.  The plan sets out the Council's goals for building a sustainable community, including: 

  • "Improving the quality and safety of all modes of transportation by
    implementing “complete streets” that are designed to serve a wide
    range of modes of transportation, focusing on pedestrians, cyclists
    and transportation services," (3.0 A Healthy, Sustainable Community, Goal 3)
It then lays out a Complete Streets policy and proposes that a study be conducted on how the concept can best be implemented.  
  • "It shall be a policy of Council to encourage the development of complete streets in order to promote a healthy, safe and high-quality environment and to facilitate the integration of active modes of transportation into the roads system," (9.0 Transportation, Policy 5).
  • "It is proposed that Council ensure that a study is conducted to examine how the complete streets concept can be integrated into the city’s street systems," (9.0 Transportation, Proposal 2).

The City of Dieppe has also come together with the City of Moncton and the Town of Riverview to develop Destination 2040, a Regional Sustainable Transportation Master Plan (2015).  The plan recommends developing Complete Streets as an action to take towards achieving the region's sustainable transportation goals.   A number of corridors identified for Complete Street treatments are examined and prioritized, and a Complete Streets Design Elements Toolbox is provided.  An implementation plan is currently under development.  


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