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Best Practices and Case Studies

Complete Streets: Policy and Practice in Canada, TAC, (2015)

A briefing note from the Transportation Association of Canada that reports on the status of complete streets in provincial and municipal transportation agencies across Canada and shares lessons learned.  


Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Canadian Municipal Active Transportation Policy Map

This policy map is being populated with active transportation policies unique to local governments. It is also linked to TCAT's Complete Streets for Canada website in order to track Complete Streets policies. One of the many benefits of this policy map portal is the unique opportunity it creates for cross collaboration between public health, urban planners and transportation engineers. Municipalities are encouraged to submit new active transportation policies and Complete Streets policies on this map

Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations

A book written by Marc Schlossberg, John Rowell, Dave Amos, and Kelly Sanford, four faculty members and students from the University of Oregon, documents twenty-five case studies from across the U.S. that helped facilitate more walking, biking, and transit use while enhancing commercial activity, with minimal to no negative impact on automobile access.

Complete Streets Policy Analysis, National Complete Streets Coalition (2011)

This report by the Complete Street Coalition in the US documents the growth of that diverse movement and its strengths by analyzing the more than 350 existing written policies adopted by states, regions, counties, and communities before January 1, 2012 in the US.

Planning for Complete Streets: A Comparative Evaluation of Three Transportation Master Plans, Carolyn Skoworodko (2012)

This report is an evaluation of the Kingston Transportation Master Plan to determine how effectively it is creating a policy environment that supports the development of complete streets. The report also considers Transportation Master Plans from Waterloo, Ontario and Fort Collins, Colorado.

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