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Evaluating Complete Streets Projects

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The National Complete Streets Coalition, an American organization under Smart Growth America, developed Evaluating Complete Streets Projects: A Guide for Practitioners to promote performance measures that better reflect multi-modal users and to demonstrate how transportation investments can be connected to community goals.

Smart Growth America - "Safer Streets, Stronger Economies"

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Smart Growth America researched how 37 projects in the U.S. profited from investing in a Complete Streets design. These cases were useful for reserach because they could provide transportation and/or economic data from before and after the projects were developed. There are however over 700 towns, cities, counties, regions, and states in the U.S. (as of 2015) that have passed Complete Streets policies. 

Evaluating Complete Streets: The Value of Designing Roads for Diverse Modes, Users and Activities (2015)

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Written by Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, this report reviews the literature on the costs and benefits of Complete Street implementation, and discusses methods of evaluating Complete Street projects. A previous version appeared in the TDM Encyclopedia.

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